Verona company was founded in 1997, as a small private enterprise of furniture manufacturing focused on local consumer needs.

Just within few years a small studio became a factory and could get one of the leading position in the industry due to high quality production, considered marketing strategy, hard work and professionalism of the team.

a small studio became a factory

Verona factory furniture is characterized by:
  • special feeling of comfort it gives,
  • high reliability ,
  • multifunctional approach,
  • modern design ,
  • creative color choices,
  • environmentally friendly and ecologically clean of materials used.

Among our clients we name government agencies, large state and joint-stock companies, embassies, banks, museums, the cultural centers, childrens palaces, schools and lyceums. Over a long time, our factory has been manufacturing exclusive furniture for restaurants, bars, night clubs and casinos, entertainment centers, hotels, health and holiday centers

What makes it possible for us to produce furniture that people want to have? Advanced technologies, the materials from the best manufacturers, a valuable experience gathered by our specialists, and of course, a most sincere wish to please the clients, together with a strong wish to create the things that will make people happy for a long time.

Complex solution of problems of the clients is a special thrill of Verona company. Considerable diversity of products we offer is a guarantee of the clients freedom of choice.

Verona furniture manufacturing

We tend to create expressive and original things capable to emphasize the individuality of their owner. All items are considered and cut out to fit the customer, as a lot of our products are custom-made, often by individual design. However, very many models meant for a certain interior design were launched into production later, and we rest absolutely assured concerning their future.

Verona firm has its own production based on modern technologies. We are also able to fulfill an urgent order. We guarantee high quality and excellent service.

Nowadays the factory manufactures about 30 base sets of furniture included in the catalogue available on our website. Overall size of basic models can change at will of the client.

Designers and technologists of the factory are permanently working at introducing new models for manufacturing.

the factory manufactures about 30 base sets of furniture

Dear visitor, let us offer you our professional knowledge and experience of furniture manufacturing and also multifunctional interior design and assembling councelling. We are always ready for cooperation and wish to assure you that it will be efficient.