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Thoughts about design

The question of design is highly a personal one. For many it is important to be different and to stand out of the masses, it is necessary to buy something uncommon: of unusual design and bright colors.

Others express the polar opinion: things of the "classical" design do not become outdated so soon, making their owner feel more confident. Which point of view is the right one? The answer to this question will be both, of course.

It is just that their products are meant for different people.

Designers show the same courage in alteration of hits of the past, as well as musicians and Hollywood producers.

Why do furniture creators look into the past? Is it because of a feeling of nostalgia, or is it because all the most convenient pieces of furniture have been invented long ago?

The question remains open.

In our opinion the luxury is comfort. Dogmas like the more expensive, the better do not dim the edgy minds.

The space where the pragmatic suite admirers dwell is filled by soft light, compact storage systems and ergonomic armchairs.

All items are well-designed and cut out to fit customer.

Our special quality demand is that during long years the thing should not become outdated neither morally, nor physically.

Also one important choice criterion is modesty as opposed to grandeur. This depends not only on interior style, but also on a special kind of attitude between the thing and its owner.

One thing truly serves, but its not eye-catchy, while another also carries out, let us say, the entertainment and representation function.

To use items correctly it is necessary to know about their properties: who has made the object, how and for whom.

It is something more than just a banal quality-price ratio. And actually it is well worth considering.

With these thoughts we create furniture not for the production line, but for the soul.

We tend to create expressive and unusual things capable to emphasize the individuality of the one and only person.

A lot of models were designed for a certain interior, but later they were launched for a production line, and we are absolutely assured about their future.

In our opinion, the success of the company depends on its ability to be flexible without losing the individuality - that is what we have tended to do since 1997.