Since in Ancient Egypt the first seat with a back was invented, chairs have entered widely into our life. According to statistics, one "wears out" about 20 pieces in their life.A chair is a unique piece of furniture which has even been granted a special annual exhibition in Italy.

The chair with armrests usually is wrongly referred to as a half-chair". However, such thing does not actually exist. The standard classification is based on such criterion as the height of the seat, which is different with a chair and an armchair.

It was Le Corbusier who first defined a lunch area (72-75 cm) and height of a lounge table (35-40 cm). As a result, a typology of similar furniture emerged: all seats around a dining table (height of seat approx. 47-50 cm) are called chairs. Those around a coffee table are called armchairs (about 42 cm), respectively. This classification pays no particular importance to the design of the piece be it massive or elegant, firm or soft and with or without the armrests.

Developing new models of chairs, we follow the concepts of hedonism.

A chair should not only be comfortable and ergonomically designed. A stylish, truly magnificent product is simply obliged to please your eye.

An expensive fabric or soft leather which is pleasant to touch, the "know-how" approach added and you have, practically, a perfect chair.